Wk1 – Art Experiences- Plaster Casting

So on Friday August 26th, I woke up early to hit the beach and do some Plaster Casting before work. I chose to go to Santa Monica Beach because its the closest one to my house and its also a great place to play Pokemon Go! So why not kill two bird with one stone? I went to Santa Monica with my boyfriend, Robert, just so he could carry wet sand for me (not really but I like to tell him that). I liked this art experience because I got to go to the beach and also because I documented it through Snapchat and included most of Santa Monicas Geotags. I wasn’t really happy with how my plaster casted hand came out because my fingers were not really defined. If I could redo this I would try to make a better mold of my hand. I think it would be cool if someone were to get a mold of there whole body in the sand and plaster cast it. I made a snapchat story with the steps I took to make my plaster casting without realizing that photos were only able to be added so some of my steps are missing.


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