Wk 2- Classmate Conversation- Claudia Sanchez

IMG_7364So today at the end of class I had this weeks classmate conversation with Claudia Sanchez. I learned that she is a Pre-Nursing major who transferred to CSULB and commutes to school just like me. At first, we talked about the logistics of working at Target, my current place of employment, and then got to the Question of The Week. Is art important in today’s world? We both agreed that art is important in today’s world. Our reasoning was quite similar but Claudia emphasized that the importance of art is how it helps people. She noted that today’s world is so crazy and busy that art is way for people to “restart.” It allows people to let their emotions calm down. She meant that by expressing themselves it would refresh their mood. She also believes that art is important because it helps educate the world in a deeper sense. She used an example of how people could see a picture of something angry and understand how another person is feeling more then them just stating that they are angry. After our talk we snapped a photo on Snapchat and made sure not to have too much back light (we had to turn around). With flower crowns and geotags and all, i’d say this weeks classmate conversation was a success. Lets see who I get to crown next week.


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