Wk 3 – Classmate Conversation -Ruiwen Lin

Today, after I wrapped up my conversation with an artist, I roam the SOA Gallery Quad in search of a classmate to talk with for this weeks Classmate Conversation. This is when Ruiwen approached me in her own search for a classmate to discuss this weeks Question of the Week with. We first introduced ourselves and described our backgrounds, where I found out that Ruiwen Lin (https://linruiwenblog.wordpress.com/) is a 4th year chemical engineering major. She told me about how she wants to get her bachelors degree then find a job, and later return for a masters in chemical engineering. She did her artist conversation with Manyu Gao, about his oil painting. She explained that she liked oil paintings because they seem to mirror or connect to real life more. For this weeks Question of the Week, what type of art has had the most influence on where you are today, Ruiwen said that music is a type of art that has influenced her the most. She explains that music expresses emotion directly and helps listeners feel what a singer is feeling. So when she is sad, she can put on a sad song and it can make her feel how the singer is feeling but also help her express her own emotions or change her way of looking at what shes sad about. She listens to a range of music from classic to Korean pop to hip hop and these have helped her learn about different cultures and different emotions people go through.   Flower crown selfie and we’re out…til next time. photo-sep-07-10-39-27-pm


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