Wk 4- Art Experience- Automatic Drawing

So this week, we had to do an Automatic Drawing with another person. I chose to do it with my boyfriend, Robert. On the day we did this art experience, I was running late and stressing about it, as always. When I finally picked him up, I told him to guide me to a park because I don’t know the San Fernando Valley like he does. But as we were driving around looking for an uncrowded park on a Saturday, we both go hungry, so a Taco Bell stop was necessary. Next, we ended up at Devonshire Park in Northridge because that’s the area RobBae is kind of from. He isn’t very flexible so we decided not to do the whole criss-cross apple sauce thing. We just sat at a table together and across from eachother.  I told him to put on his jams because hes really picky about music. He decided to play old school R&B like Lets Get Married by Jagged Edge and Cupid by 112. Songs that I honestly feel like have so much emotion and that we love to sing.

When we first started our art piece, we had our eyes closed but it felt weird to do that. So we opened our eyes half way through. After we opened our eyes, our art consisted of me trying to stop RobBae from drawing inappropriate things on our master piece of squiggles. This made me laugh so much because we just have a weird sense of humor and get each other. This experience was cool because I felt connected to my boyfriend more. It reminded me of the fun times we have and to remember to not always be so serious. After finishing our masterpiece, we smeared the excess chalk into the paper, took some flower crown selfies, and pictures of our art.


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