Wk 4 – Artist Conversation – Cintia Segovia Figueroa

Artist: Cintia Segovia Figueroa

Exhibition: Mexico Already Changed

Media: Video Installation, Robotics

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov East 

Website: CintiaSegovia.com


Cintia Segovia Figueroa is a Graduate student at California State University, Long Beach working towards a Master of Fine Art in Photography. She studied mass communication at a university in Mexico to obtain her Bachelors degree. Cintia learned English as a second language as an adult because she came to America from Mexico City. Cintia used to work in television and has had an interest in photography since she was younger.  She now teaches photography at Cal State Northridge. Her work explores ideas of social status, immigration, and politics.

Mexico already changed consists of a video with Cintia playing a news caster. She is speaking about indigenous people of Mexico and how they should stay where they are. Another part of the exhibit is a little robot that drives abound the room stating a phrase.  The robot has a Mexico flag on it and an antenna. On another wall of the gallery, Cintia has quotes that are being projected on the wall. These phrases are appearing with music that plays in the back round and is continually fading out then ringing loudly.

After speaking with Cintia and reading her statement about her exhibit, I see that it is about power. She is playing a news reporter in the video that is well off. This character believes that the people out in the field should stay there and never try to get an education or move higher in society. This is to show the opinion of the Mexican government today. Cinitia explained that the government officials in Mexico want to stay in power and want to do this by having the indigenous people stay indigenous. She said that the higher ups work together to stay at the top. With the robot roaming around the gallery, Cintia is making a point against the power in her second language country, America.  While the robot is going around the gallery he stops and asks the questions that immigrants are asked when entering America with a green card. This little robot is like the Immigration officers that ask questions to people looking for citizenship for America. Cintias last part of her exhibition of the phrases on the wall are meant to represent Mexican officials. The phrases are slogans of political higher up. These slogans are meant to bring hope to the Mexican citizens. The music is very strong and inspirational and is played loudly.This represents expectations that the people have for their government. It plays when the slogans aren’t even being shown on the wall. By doing this, Cintia shows that Mexican officials try to give people hope, but the government never delivers. The music (exceptions)continues to go on but the hopeful slogans are no where to be found.

Mexico Already Changed has opened my eyes to how the government is run in Mexico. By doing this, I have the opportunities to compare the government in America, to the government in Mexico. I have seen how the Immigration system is outdated with the questions that the robot were asking. Also, I see how the citizens of Mexico are encouraged to improve their status. I liked Mexico Already Changed because in the video it showed an opinion that was outrageous to a college student that know little to nothing about Mexico officials.


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