Wk 5- Art Experience- Graffiti Writing

When I did my graffiti art I invited my coworker and best friend, Lucia aka Lucy, to come with me because she like graffiti. First, I picked her up from her house and we went to the closest Home Depot. We each bought a piece of plywood & then drove around looking for a nice park or spot where we could tag up the streets… not really. But just a place where people wouldn’t look at us weird for spray painting. So we ended up going to Griffith Park where the Hollywood sign is andfound a mostly secluded picnic area to graffiti on. When we first got there we laid out all our snacks, paint cans, and plywood. Next we started doodling out names in bubble letters and tried to see what would work the best. First I did my piece. My ply wood was smaller so I decided not to use the bubble letters I had practiced. I first made a background of multiple different colors which was really fun. Then I took the yellow spray paint & finally did my name. Which was a little stressful because I didnt want to mess it up. But I had Lucy there to remind me that is I “mess it up” I could take that and add to it and make something different.


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