Wk 6 – Art Experience -Flip Books

When finding out that we were going to make flip books or zines for class this week, I first asked myself what a zine is. I still wonder that right now since I decided to go with a flip book. I decided that my flip book was going to have to do with Statistics because I started this flip book while I was supposed to be studying for my Statistics test. I also wanted to include somethings from my life into this statistics little booklet. So, I wanted to include conchas into my little flip book because My boyfriend & I just tried this new food place named Horchateria Rio Luna. It is in Paramount and it is delicious. They have horchata, concha ice cream sandwiches, churro sundaes, and other Mexican delicious goods. So I had conchas on my mind when I was thinking of ideas of making my flip book.


However, conchas look like this. This was very complicated for me to draw so I changed that concha idea into a donut. Now with the idea of stats and donuts on my mind. I decided I would make a flip book that increased the amount of donuts consumed in a week. This chart would represent a bar graph of donuts consumed over an amount of time. I named my flip book Donut Consumption and sewed it all together in class on Wednesday.  I wanted to show it off to all my friends and my boyfriend and then he lost it in my car before I even got a picture of it. The number of donuts increased everyday. On Monday, only one donut was eaten. Then on Tuesday, there was 2 eaten. By Saturday, 6 donuts were being consumed and this made the donut crazy sick to there stomach, so there was only a sad face on the Sunday amount. The bar graph showed a skewed to the right trend. This project also helped me study fir my Statistics exam.


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