Wk 7 – Artist Conversation – Dulce Soledad Ibarra

Artist: Dulce Soledad Ibarra 

Exhibit: Manos de Oro

Media: Sculptures, Video installation 

Gallery: Gatov East

Dulce Soledad Ibarra is an undergraduate student working towards her BFA in the Sculpture program at the CSULB School of Art. Her exhibit Manas de Oro explores the connection between the hands and their abilities and what this shows the world. It also explores the ideas of guilt, pride, and culture. 

Her exhibit contains a video that is projected agains a wall. In the video men are working in the garden and it shows them trimming trees that are cery full and vibrantly green. Music is playing in the background that is slow and sounds of hispanic culture. In front of the video lays a green patch of fake grass. The exhibit is  covered with other small patches of grass but they all have different gardening machinery on them. The machinery is all painted gold and the lawn mowers on display all have the fake grass on them too. The walls also have gardening tools on display too. They have features on them that are painted gold as well. 

Manos de Oso is about the art of the hands. All the machinery and the video emphasize that hands are what show people what work a person can do. Dulce talked about how hand do what the maid is capible of and the mind is in solidarity with the hands. She compared her hands and her fathers hands to the work of machinery. Meaning that they work with their hands as a craft but also as labor and a source of survival. 

I loved her piece because my family is very hard working and I see her thrive to leave home and also continue hard working. The gold that lays on the gardening machinery makes me want to work harder because thats what Dulce and her father do and it just reminds me of what my family does. We all have hands of gold that work as machinery. We all work hard to be more then what the older generations had to work with. That is what the American dream is all about. 


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