Wk 8- Art Experience- sketching in the garden

So this weeks art experience was not one of my favorites because I don’t really enjoy drawing. I don’t really like drawing or sketching because I don’t think my pieces come out to what my eyes are looking at. So these are my sketches from the Japanses Friendship Garden on Wednesdays class.  The represetationals arent even close to the actual garden. I know im not gonna draw perfectly but these sketches don’t really catch enought details. & after looking at them not I think with practice & maybe a drawing class or two, my garden drawings can be just like the real garden 

The abstract drawings that we had to come up with stressed me out way less. I just felt like I was doodling. Or maybe im just tired. It was cool thinking of what is abstract and what is non-abstract art. So here are my doodles of a garden from within the walls of my brain



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