Wk 9 Art Experience- Art Care Package

I decided to send my art care package to my sister, 22 year old wandering college graduate. I wanted to send her an art care package because she is like a lost child looking for a job, and an apartment, and some thing stable to do with her life after making it through SDSU. I wanted to send her some stuff to show her what moving out of San Diego might be like. My art package has the good & bad of Los Angeles. Well at least from my prospective. I have included parking tickets, speeding tickets, my first target name tag, a map to the getty center, a ticket to the Paley Center for Media, a train ticket, an airport luggage tag, a stop homophobia sticker from LA pride, an “I voted” sticker, and a post card from Mel’s Dinner.

Heres a little about my art care package

  1. Sending someone an art care package is similar to sending someone a Snapchat because it shows someone something meaningful through the form of image.
  2. Sending someone an art care package is different then sending someone a Snapchat because a snapchat only lasts a few seconds. the art care package lasts forever. It can be kept & analyzed and put more meaning in it over time. An art care package is a bundle of things but a snapchat is just a one picture.
  3. I really like the idea of an ephemera because I like collecting things that when put together can make a story. It is a precious thing because we can put things into the ephermera that can mark a certain point in time. A parking ticket might not mean anything to someone else. But when putting these things with other items, they can tell a different story or relay a different message.
  4. There is a difference between art that is seen by many people and art that is seen by a few people because an art care package can be made more personal. The art in the art gallery is created from the perspective of the artist. but an art care package can be about you and who ever you send it to.
  5. This time difference does mean something because it give more value to the art care package. When you send Snapchats it is faster, so you can send like 100 or more in a day. Some people do not even really look at them. but an with an art car package, you look through it and it has a lot of meaning.
  6. An ACP can contain love because it is put together using someones brain and emotions, but getting food from the McDonald drive thru doesn’t use any emotions.



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