Wk 11- Artist Conversation- Caryn Aasness 


Artist: Caryn Aasness

Exhibition: To Call it Cute is to Misunderstand

Media: Fibers

Gallery: Dr. Maxine Merlino Gallery

Instagram: levelyellowproblemchild


Caryn Aasness is an undergraduate student from the Fibers Program in the CSULB School of Art. She enjoys doing art free hand but decided to do this exhibit with a set or planned structure, so that she would challenge herself. She also doesn’t enjoy using quotes but did use them in this art piece just to give it meaning. Her art explores ideas of life and the debate of having structure vs going away from structure.

In here exhibition, To Call it Cute is to Misunderstand, Caryn, has several weavings hung along the walls. They are very colorful and some are even composed of multiple parts. The piece that hangs right in the middle of the gallery has “To Call it Cute is to Misunderstand” sewed into it in big letters. Each part of Caryn’s exhibit, has a key drawn up right next to it to show that some squares on the weaving are in “bold.”

These keys that go with the cloths, embody a quote or phrase that the weaving is made to represent. This is meant to give the piece more meaning then just being a weaving. These quotes are chosen to question existing social structures. The key is show right next to the weaving so people know that there is more to the colorful cloths hanging on the wall.

I really enjoyed this exhibit because it tells a deeper story then what meats the eye. The weaving show beautiful colors that intertwine together, but underneath that there is a meaningful quote. When talking with her she explained how just the act of weaving questions the combination of structure and freedom. & I liked the thought that she chose to be structured but she could just as easily freely weaved whatever she wanted.


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