Week 12- Artist Conversation- 

Artist:  Sage Garver

Exhibit: BIO

Gallery: Dennis W. Dutzi Gallery

Media:  Sculptures

Sage Garver is in her final semester in the CSULB’s School of Art’s Sculpture Program. She is working towards a Bachelors of Fine Arts and wants to do free lance art after graduating. Her work includes ideas about the body and her own personal experiences with it. It is seen as an autobiographical piece.

BIO has many sculpture covering all the walls. This foam material is painted to match the gallery walls so the whole gallery is like the Bio of a human. The shapes consist of circles in a bubbly form, random circles floating, and other shaped that are like components in out bodies. In the center of the room lies a group of chain like strings hanging from the ceiling. in the middle of these chains is a piece of plastic foam with a metallic paint on it. In the chains, there is one fork hanging down from the middle.

BIO is about Sage and her body and her experience with illness. Along the walls of the gallery is a transition that starts from a mostly blank wall to a lot of pieces being on another wall. This progression can be seen as one developing an illness, or it can be seen as someone getting better. The sculptures that surround the gallery are like the human body and the structures or symptoms and patterns are coming out of the walls that are  clinically neutral. The gallery was a white blank space like the body can be but things can also emerge in the body like they have in the gallery. This relation ship between the gallery and the body show how something normal can be changed through mutation or manipulation.

I really enjoyed Sage’s piece because she took the whole gallery and used it at a larger scale then I have noticed it during the earlier parts of the semester. I also enjoyed how she took her experience with illness and turned it into a piece of art. A lot of people in the world have negative or bitter thoughts about disease but Sage took her experiences and shared them with the world even though it can be seen as a touchy subject.


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