Wk 14- Art Experience- Instagram

Working on this weeks art experience was pretty fun because Instagram is something that most people use in everyday life. When looking at our huge group picture under the hashtag #art110f16 I saw that most of the posts were of our beautiful school, CSULB. This is really cool because we can see it from different point of views and editing. I went to Disneyland on our Instagram day and think that was pretty different from the rest of out group picture.


Wk 14- Classmate Conversation- Ana Gomez

For this weeks classmate conversation, I met Ana Gomez. A  second year, 19 year old psychology student at CSULB. We talked about what schooling would be like in 2036 or in 20 years from now. We both agreed that Education would be more advance in technology. She said that it would probably be more difficult because students would have to paraphrase quotes better. This is because nowadays we already have technology that checks for plagiarism and it would more advanced in 20 years. 


Wk 13- Classmate Conversation

So for this weeks classmate conversation, I couldn’t actually make it to class because my car wouldn’t start to get to class. I ended up needing a new starter and was $300 out. So for this weeks question of the week I had a conversation with my friend, Lucia, a student at LACC that is very interested in art. Lucia said that she would choose the red pill because she is curious to see how far the rabbit hole goes. We already know what reality is and going through wonderland would be a lot more adventurous and is more tempting.


Week 12- Artist Conversation- 

Artist:  Sage Garver

Exhibit: BIO

Gallery: Dennis W. Dutzi Gallery

Media:  Sculptures

Sage Garver is in her final semester in the CSULB’s School of Art’s Sculpture Program. She is working towards a Bachelors of Fine Arts and wants to do free lance art after graduating. Her work includes ideas about the body and her own personal experiences with it. It is seen as an autobiographical piece.

BIO has many sculpture covering all the walls. This foam material is painted to match the gallery walls so the whole gallery is like the Bio of a human. The shapes consist of circles in a bubbly form, random circles floating, and other shaped that are like components in out bodies. In the center of the room lies a group of chain like strings hanging from the ceiling. in the middle of these chains is a piece of plastic foam with a metallic paint on it. In the chains, there is one fork hanging down from the middle.

BIO is about Sage and her body and her experience with illness. Along the walls of the gallery is a transition that starts from a mostly blank wall to a lot of pieces being on another wall. This progression can be seen as one developing an illness, or it can be seen as someone getting better. The sculptures that surround the gallery are like the human body and the structures or symptoms and patterns are coming out of the walls that are  clinically neutral. The gallery was a white blank space like the body can be but things can also emerge in the body like they have in the gallery. This relation ship between the gallery and the body show how something normal can be changed through mutation or manipulation.

I really enjoyed Sage’s piece because she took the whole gallery and used it at a larger scale then I have noticed it during the earlier parts of the semester. I also enjoyed how she took her experience with illness and turned it into a piece of art. A lot of people in the world have negative or bitter thoughts about disease but Sage took her experiences and shared them with the world even though it can be seen as a touchy subject.

Wk 11- Artist Conversation- Caryn Aasness 


Artist: Caryn Aasness

Exhibition: To Call it Cute is to Misunderstand

Media: Fibers

Gallery: Dr. Maxine Merlino Gallery

Instagram: levelyellowproblemchild


Caryn Aasness is an undergraduate student from the Fibers Program in the CSULB School of Art. She enjoys doing art free hand but decided to do this exhibit with a set or planned structure, so that she would challenge herself. She also doesn’t enjoy using quotes but did use them in this art piece just to give it meaning. Her art explores ideas of life and the debate of having structure vs going away from structure.

In here exhibition, To Call it Cute is to Misunderstand, Caryn, has several weavings hung along the walls. They are very colorful and some are even composed of multiple parts. The piece that hangs right in the middle of the gallery has “To Call it Cute is to Misunderstand” sewed into it in big letters. Each part of Caryn’s exhibit, has a key drawn up right next to it to show that some squares on the weaving are in “bold.”

These keys that go with the cloths, embody a quote or phrase that the weaving is made to represent. This is meant to give the piece more meaning then just being a weaving. These quotes are chosen to question existing social structures. The key is show right next to the weaving so people know that there is more to the colorful cloths hanging on the wall.

I really enjoyed this exhibit because it tells a deeper story then what meats the eye. The weaving show beautiful colors that intertwine together, but underneath that there is a meaningful quote. When talking with her she explained how just the act of weaving questions the combination of structure and freedom. & I liked the thought that she chose to be structured but she could just as easily freely weaved whatever she wanted.

Wk 11-  Classmate Conversation- Alyssa Bui

For this week’s Classmate Conversation, I talked with, Alyssa Bui (https://lolyssblog.wordpress.com/ ) about fan art made for Demi Lovato and a controversial piece. Alyssa’s thoughts on fan art was that she likes it because people can take things and put their own flare on it. She said she likes how they get inspired by others. We both agreed that we didn’t think Demi Lovato’s reaction to the fan art was justified. She emphasized the idea that art can be whatever it wants to be. Others shouldn’t criticize or be hurt by fan art. As an artist she should understand that criticism doesn’t matter.

Wk 9 Art Experience- Art Care Package

I decided to send my art care package to my sister, 22 year old wandering college graduate. I wanted to send her an art care package because she is like a lost child looking for a job, and an apartment, and some thing stable to do with her life after making it through SDSU. I wanted to send her some stuff to show her what moving out of San Diego might be like. My art package has the good & bad of Los Angeles. Well at least from my prospective. I have included parking tickets, speeding tickets, my first target name tag, a map to the getty center, a ticket to the Paley Center for Media, a train ticket, an airport luggage tag, a stop homophobia sticker from LA pride, an “I voted” sticker, and a post card from Mel’s Dinner.

Heres a little about my art care package

  1. Sending someone an art care package is similar to sending someone a Snapchat because it shows someone something meaningful through the form of image.
  2. Sending someone an art care package is different then sending someone a Snapchat because a snapchat only lasts a few seconds. the art care package lasts forever. It can be kept & analyzed and put more meaning in it over time. An art care package is a bundle of things but a snapchat is just a one picture.
  3. I really like the idea of an ephemera because I like collecting things that when put together can make a story. It is a precious thing because we can put things into the ephermera that can mark a certain point in time. A parking ticket might not mean anything to someone else. But when putting these things with other items, they can tell a different story or relay a different message.
  4. There is a difference between art that is seen by many people and art that is seen by a few people because an art care package can be made more personal. The art in the art gallery is created from the perspective of the artist. but an art care package can be about you and who ever you send it to.
  5. This time difference does mean something because it give more value to the art care package. When you send Snapchats it is faster, so you can send like 100 or more in a day. Some people do not even really look at them. but an with an art car package, you look through it and it has a lot of meaning.
  6. An ACP can contain love because it is put together using someones brain and emotions, but getting food from the McDonald drive thru doesn’t use any emotions.